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1917 was the middle of World War I – Ready, Fire, Aim

October 23, 2012

 I doubt these men were counting the number of ships in the Navy of either side.  These battles were slaughters.  The picture comes from Google Images and the search term WWI images.

So why did the Republican Candidate select the middle of WWI as an appropriate year to compare to the size of the Fleet of the United States Navy in 2012???  I suspect we will never know the answer.

It is not wise to put your head on an anvil when the blacksmith is holding a sledge-hammer, ready to pound.  I suspect Governor Romney selected 1917 on the fly.  The comparison must have been just too tempting to pass up.

These are the times that try Presidential thinking; they are trying indeed the souls of our soldiers and sailors who are all risking life and limb for me and you.   These noble warriors need to know that the Commander-in-Chief is making decisions and giving orders based upon well thought out arguments, not on cursory reviews of facts, and snap decisions yielding unwarranted conclusions.

It seems to me that Governor Romney, while appearing calm in the third debate, was ill prepared to discuss the United States Navy, and needed sorely the strenght and accuracy of a true swordsman.

Ready, Fire, Aim.

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