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This Land is Your Land, Woody Guthrie, America’s Song

October 6, 2014

I thank my friend and fellow singer, Greg, for sharing this video with me and you. Many times at the Albert Hall Shed there are many more folks standing around and listening and singing, but then the sound would not be as good as this.

I’ve another version of This Land is Your Land on youtube with around 125,000 views.

I try to sing this song every time I’m out because the last verse still applies today. “Is this land still made for you and me?” The answer is yes, the issue is whether the country is so complex today that voting power is diluted.


October 20, 2012

The whole country must watch this movie, for the times we are leaving behind are much like 1937 and 1938 when Seabiscuit pulled the country through tough times, and helped inspire the nation.  Red Pollard, jockey, and Seabiscuit shared early life stories of trial and trouble, but they changed a nation.  Here is a synopsis.  It’s on HBO.

It struck me that all the ‘oh my God this is terrible’ utterances coming from the so-called Right, is wrong.  This is America, and we are capable of great things when we set our minds to action.

At one point in the movie the narrator talks about the New Deal programs that Roosevelt put in place:  the NRA, the CCC , and others.  He tells us that the programs were not in themselves what counted.  Rather, the people who hurt began to realize that finally someone cared, that they were not alone.  It changed the spirit of the country.  Woody Guthrie had a lot to say about it too, especially in “This Land is Your Land”.

KMOCoffee received a large loan from the City of Millville in 2001 that enabled the company to invest in new space and new equipment and it has grown and prospered as a result of receiving this loan.  Call it seed money.

The government did not actually create jobs, but it facilitated the process.  I’m for this facilitation.  When Romney says the Government does not create jobs, I agree.  But the government facilitates and with its help speeds growth, or in America’s current situation, speeds recovery.

I hope we stay the course the Country is on, and retain the President at the helm.  It ain’t perfect, but it is working.  I agree that moving at a deliberate pace, rebuilding infrastructure and solidifying the economic foundation can be frustrating to those in trouble, but it is better than taking a risk on unproven and in some cases discredited programs.

Just like Seabiscuit.  Get moving.  Literally.  Move.  Go where people are needed to fill jobs.

Homeowners are saving at least $10,000 a year on mortgage interest: why isn’t this news?

September 14, 2012

Here is a link to charts of the 30 year mortgage rate from 1971 to 2012.

30 Year Mortgage Rates from 1971

I’ll illustrate using 8.5% as the historic rate.

Mortgage Amount Savings: historic 8.5% less 3.5 rate today (down 5%)

$5,000 per year


$10,000 per year


$15,000 per year


$20,000 per year

This is great news for homeowners who owned homes and refinanced their mortgages as rates were falling.  And it isn’t new news.

I’m thinking that these savings paid for the increase in the price of gas and food.

Not everyone owns a home, but there are plenty of us.  It is horrible what happened to so many who lost jobs and then their homes.

So why are’t houses selling and leading the way out of this ‘depression’.  The answer: Banks are not lending.

Woody Guthrie wrote the song “This Land is Your Land”.  In it, there is a verse that goes something like:

As I was walking, I saw a Steeple

In the releif office, I saw my people

And some were grumbling, and some where wondering

If this land’s still made for you and me.

I have no doubt, this is our land.  Vote.

This Land is Your Land, Sing Out

February 27, 2011

This is a great way to unwind and steady the nerves.  The times are a changing faster than Dylan ever thought.  All of us in the coffee business have to be sharp and flexible and roll with the markets. 

Guthrie is a timeless writer and this is the number one song in the Sing Out 100 most popular folk songs of all time. 

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