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Hey “You’ll Get Your Turn” – You Betcha – We’ll Vote

October 19, 2012

Imagine an international leader turning to the President of the United States, extending his hand at the President with palm’s down, and shouting “hey, you’ll get your turn”.

Then, when the President in his normal, courteous manner reply’s “you asked a question”, the so-called international leader forcefully retorts “that wasn’t a question, it was a statement”.  And turns his back, snubs the President of the United States, and continues talking.

Unheard of?  This Romney to Obama exchange in the Tuesday Night debate  convinced me that Romney is not always aware of what he is doing acting out without discipline.  Same thing with the impulsive, compulsive outburst attacking our President as the Libyan consulate was being attacked.

Now put Romney, in your imagination, on a stage with, say, Putin, Churchill, Roosevelt, Chavez, Reagan, the first Bush, or Lincoln, or best, with the Pope or the Leader of the Mormon Church.

No more Romnesia.


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