Book Summaries for Your Convenience

I get no money from Amazon nor from Authors.  This is for my readers convenience.

  1. Lion in the White House – A Life of Theordore Roosevelt, Aida D. Donald, 2007.  On Amazon.  Roosevelt stopped his law education because he thought there was no social justice in the law; rather he thought it existed for the protection of the rich.  His senior thesis at Harvard wrote about Womens Suffrage, which he concluded women should have if they wanted it.  He was smart, energetic and a leader of the highest order.  Donald suggests that he was the smartest President of the Twentieth Century.  You can download my full notes on DocStoc at this location – Notes on Lion in the White House
  2. You Can Compete – Double Sales Without Discounting, Bob Phibbs, 2003.  2003 seems like a 100 years ago, but the points I think are still appropriate.  I’m posting on Docstoc a longer summary of what I’m finding useful from the book along with my notes and ideas.  You can download the document at You Can Compete on DocStoc.  Robert Kraeuter may have a few copies you can have. 

One Response to “Book Summaries for Your Convenience”

  1. You Can Compete: Introduction « Bob’s CEO Blog Says:

    […] road to success.  Even 100 years ago in families like the Roosevelt’s that is the parents of Teddy Roosevelt, the youngsters, who were very rich, had to work extremely hard for […]

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