For me, like all humans, there was a beginning and there will be an end.  In between is where the action takes place and this blog will describe on pages my history and in posts my opinions, news and editorials and the all encompassing ‘Other Stuff”.


I expect to entertain and nudge some toward the things I believe will help us all along.  It is not religious – more Bob’s outlook and philosophy, like that fellow in the Midwest, whose name I’ll remember soon.  Harrison ……


Writing is one of the ‘things’ I enjoy, and sometimes I’m a bit too brief and sometimes a bit wordy.  So please stay with it, subscribe, and I guarantee you’ll find something that interests you.  My life was interesting and my Children Jennifer and Paul have gone on to build meaningful lives and families of their own.


I am now married to Cathy, who is the most loving and helping person I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.  Every day she provides new insights about living and interacting with other people.  Every day she reaches out to help me and others without ever expecting something in return. 


So I think there is meat here that you’ll like and perhaps can use.


I am a happy person. 


It is not right to say that there are things I’d do differently because I am where I am.  My happiness today is the sum total of everything that came before, from conception in Arizona to that last t in last, typed on this machine.  But of course that’s all history now.


And, history is what this blog is about. 


Waxing a bit philosophical, the present is a place you never really experience because as soon as you get there, it’s gone; the present is ‘really’ history.  So writing about it is difficult for we can only look at the present from the future.  We see the present through our eyes, hear it through our ears, feel it in our emotions and tactilely and must, therefore, write about it as we saw, heard and felt it.  I believe this is real and worth your time.  So please subscribe.


We are both now in the future, you and I, and I invite you to look back at the present with me.  Please join me in this endeavor; comment, reply and comment again.  My only rule for comments is that they be suitable, in my opinion, for my grandchildren.  So there are some things I will not publish, like some four letter words. 


At present, that is, November 2008, I’ve just become aware of how important blogs are to connecting with people and for developing an income.  In my case I own a business and if this and other blogs can help it along, I’d be delighted.  I don’t intend to monetize my blogs but I too can not rule it out.  I’m 62 and mostly retired so maintaining an income stream is pretty important.


Connecting to my family and friends and business associates is more important, though, so I’ve purchased and started reading 11 books on the Social Web, Social Networking, Blogging, Doing Business on the Web, Google Ad Sense, Podcasting, FrontPage 2003, and WordPress, YouTube and MySpace (the for dummies versions and a few more).  It’s all new and exciting.  I’m determined to connect.


I’ve opened a few bogs: Bob’s CEO Blog, Vineland Gazette (formerly Bob’s Political Blog) Bob’s Music Blog, Bob Johnson (personal blog that you are reading about right now) and a couple for business, blog.kmocoffee.com and blog.sellmorecoffee.com.  The later is a site for retailers to find and contribute ideas and participate in discussions whose subject is mostly how to become more profitable in times that are uncertain.  The idea for blog.sellmorecoffee.com is to provide a place for these ideas to be shared and swapped and for the discussions to take place.


There is more come.

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