Running Before the Storm (a no-show)

We set out to do 23.5, our normal ride, but cut it short because of some ugly clouds out of the Southwest. We circled behind the storm, successfully.

Cathy rode her ten year old Pedego Cruiser and I rode our new Pedego interceptor Platinum. Very different compared to my Benno Boost cargo bike. I miss the stability and resistance, but like the speed and power of the new.

Such is life. We have enormous changes at work, so we might as well change something personal. Right? Keep disruption balanced.

No avoiding it, that is, change. Nothing is the same day to day. If there is anything to be learned each day, it is that fact. Today is just not the same as the day before.

Take biking. The big advantage of our new bikes is that we can do 16 1/2 miles in an hour. And tonight we did not break a sweat. It will give us, it does give us, the ability to go long distances and still out run the storm.

And it sure is good to out run the storms.

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