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Big Leaf!!

October 21, 2017

Holy moly 

Funny Thing – Right?

October 1, 2017

So Paul, my brother, figures the actual playing time, that is, when football players are actually doing football, is around eight minutes per team per game.

This means each team gets eight minutes so their offense and defense get four minutes each.
They play 16 games which is about an hour and 10 minutes per season and earn between say 2 million and $20 million.
You can do the arithmetic. But I can’t resist doing it for you: $20 million an hour. Do you believe it?
I know what you’re thinking. Pretty extreme argument. And you’re right. They are about the most physically fit people in the world, Smart, and some are photogenic and get to the movies. And I love the game, but I just don’t watch it much anymore. Not because of the current controversy, it just got old; I should say “I just got older”. Today is the first football game I’ve watched in at least a year and maybe five.  Go Eagles. It used to be go Giants; it took me 25 years living in southern New Jersey, to convert. But I mean it. Go Eagles.

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