Sugar Sand

I don’t know if there’s any tire that is wide enough to permit safe riding on sugar sand. If there is I have not seen it. Fortunately, the sugar sand was only a couple hundred yards long, but my body thought it was a couple of miles. Pushing a 75 pound bike in sugar sand ain’t easy.

But this was a great ride much of it spent in the woods on dirt roads unmapped except on topographical maps.

A week or so ago Cathy and I rode through a 2 rut lane with lots of tall grass in the center and on the sides and we came out covered with tics. I had two bites and got some antibiotics just to be safe.

Today’s ride was on dirt, hard packed dirt and gravel, with just a little sugar sand, in what I would call deep woods here in New Jersey. I knew there were a few homes close by but I was surprised to have two cars pass.

Lotta dark black butterflies in pairs and there was one white tailed deer that I caught the rear end of as it exited stage left.

The best of it was silence and peace and I’d say serenity in the woods. Since I’m riding it’s not the same as spending an hour in the woods in a stationary position. I don’t get the squirrels and I don’t get the bird sounds and other things that you spot from the stationary position, but it is nonetheless rewarding and relaxing and mind mending. Calming.

Try it.

2 Responses to “Sugar Sand”

  1. Sugar Sand | Bob Johnson Says:

    […] My Personal Stuff « Sugar Sand […]

  2. Paul Johnson Says:

    This very interesting and nice to read. I don’t know how I missed you leaving today. I never left my post at the window.


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