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Freedom of Press?

October 30, 2016

Google: Clinton FBI

Google: comey

What do you get?

Watch CNN: what are topics? 

There is a point here. Fox is the only station discussing the opening of a criminal investigation of a presidential candidate named Clinton by FBI director Comey. 

The fact is that the FBI has reopened the email investigation involving Hillary Clinton.

17 Intelligence Sources

October 23, 2016

So … The sources for the sources of Wiki leaks material is the same source as the source of WMD in Iraq.  17 of them.  So … ignoring the question of why the USA has 17 competing intelligence …  What?

Here’s Huma:img_5817

Let us not forget that history recorded (because it happened) President Thomas Jefferson sent in the Marines to Morocco to halt their (the Moroccan’s) pirating American Merchant ships AND enslaving the crews.  It worked.  Jefferson stopped them.  A good leader takes information from many sources.  Some anecdotal, some factual, some historical.

Let sleeping Dogs Lie


My Liam, never lies and I love ’em.  He loves the warmth of the sun shining in.  So let the light shine on our election.  Take your information and decide.

When you are alone and in the booth please, please decide which candidate will be best for you, your job, your children, your pocket-book.  I can tell you as an entrepreneur, now 70, having been a banker (ugh) and now a purveyor of happiness and energy, that the taxes coming from one side might very well sink your ships.  And that is not a secret.

Remember with Hillary comes Billy, Bob.


So is the Foundation of His smile the foundation?


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