Life Goes On “Birds of a Feather ….” Woodpeckers and friends

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There are two families nesting in our backyard that Cathy and I can see. We are waiting for the chicks to take their first flight and hope our timing is good.

Woodpecker and Chick

Woodpecker and Chick

I was lucky to capture the mother in flight with food in her beak.

Mom Flying to Feed Chick

Mom Flying to Feed Chick

It is a great way to grab some relaxation and a wonder to see how organized, dedicated and hard-working these birds are. Both families, both parents working all day and into the night, landing, feeding and out the door for more. The chicks are just showing themselves, one in a Johnson supplied home (a gift from my Sister Mary many years ago) and the woodpeckers in a DIY.

We are turning our backyard into a place to go to be a part of nature, creating paths bordered by plants and shrubs and a few water elements for sound. We are close to finishing it up.  The first idea was to create an English Garden, but I’ve not enough knowledge or energy to do all that planting.  So I’d call this a sectional garden, with lots of Oaks providing shade, and all the selection issues that go along with the shade.  Nowhere is there ‘full sun’ (for me a dreaded requirement) on the property.  But the effect of filtered light is just wonderful.  With a little breeze, trees rustling, birds chirping and yes, hawks hunting it’s a great place.

Of course we still have Ruby and Liam and their Agility Course.

I hope you’ll stop by to visit.

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2 Responses to “Life Goes On “Birds of a Feather ….” Woodpeckers and friends”

  1. Bob Johnson Says:

    Hello Neal. And my goodness we have squirrels galore. Drives the dogs to distraction.

  2. NF Cowan Says:

    Thanks for sharing these pics, Bob. Woodpeckers are clever and can be aggressive even towards mammals. I saw video last night of some wps knocking some sense into a couple of squirrels who had exhibited bad judgement by going after some nuts the wps had earlier lodged into the trunk of a tree. The squirrels thought it was going to be easy pickins. Bad judgement on the part of the mammal.

    Score this one: Birds 1 – Mammals 0.

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