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Does iPhone Cause Phantom Vibrations

June 13, 2013

002I get vibrations that feel like the vibrations that come from my iPhone, exactly where I normally have my iPhone (in top left pocket of my shirt) , but it occurs when the iPhone is not on my person.  What is causing this?

Human Perches – Peace Quiet Focus Relax

June 11, 2013

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The left shed, yellow, was our first.  We added a small porch and will cover it soon.  The cabin is for music; it’s the cabin in the pines. The right one, green, is where we keep all of the agility equipment for the dogs agility yard.

Mostly we sit on the cabin porch.

The work on the yard has taken pretty close to nine years of a lot of blood, literally, sweat and toil. But it was worth it.

The whole idea was to give Cathy a place to walk the dogs, and all of us to enjoy nature. And I bike on the paths.  Today is a perfect example. A terrific breeze.  And it happens to be our anniversary.

There is nothing like sitting out there and enjoying a cup of great coffee.

Happy anniversary Cathy.

Woodpeckers: Moma Feeding Chicks

June 7, 2013

WoodpeckersTiming is everything.  Yes.  I heard the chick shouting out, probably for mom, so I ran to get my camera thinking I’d get to see the first flight.

Not this time.  To my surprise there were two chicks and when mama arrived they both were ravenous.  Very competitive.

Look closely and you’ll see the two chicks, mama to the left.

I wish the picture was clearer but it was a dark, rainy day (today) and I stood perhaps 50 feet from the tree.

Life Goes On “Birds of a Feather ….” Woodpeckers and friends

June 6, 2013

To get a better view, click the pictures.



There are two families nesting in our backyard that Cathy and I can see. We are waiting for the chicks to take their first flight and hope our timing is good.

Woodpecker and Chick

Woodpecker and Chick

I was lucky to capture the mother in flight with food in her beak.

Mom Flying to Feed Chick

Mom Flying to Feed Chick

It is a great way to grab some relaxation and a wonder to see how organized, dedicated and hard-working these birds are. Both families, both parents working all day and into the night, landing, feeding and out the door for more. The chicks are just showing themselves, one in a Johnson supplied home (a gift from my Sister Mary many years ago) and the woodpeckers in a DIY.

We are turning our backyard into a place to go to be a part of nature, creating paths bordered by plants and shrubs and a few water elements for sound. We are close to finishing it up.  The first idea was to create an English Garden, but I’ve not enough knowledge or energy to do all that planting.  So I’d call this a sectional garden, with lots of Oaks providing shade, and all the selection issues that go along with the shade.  Nowhere is there ‘full sun’ (for me a dreaded requirement) on the property.  But the effect of filtered light is just wonderful.  With a little breeze, trees rustling, birds chirping and yes, hawks hunting it’s a great place.

Of course we still have Ruby and Liam and their Agility Course.

I hope you’ll stop by to visit.

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