Get Richer Quicker??? No thanks Mitt.

Today’s title is the synopsis of the Romney campaign.  His real name by the way (by the way is Romney’s favorite term when chastising POTUS) is Willard which means ‘Strong Desire’.  Fitting I think and I’m not sure why he hides it, except that it is aristocratic.  Romney has a strong desire to gain personal wealth fast, and he is saying that he can get America rolling faster than Obama, thus getting you and I ‘Richer Quicker’.  Yeah, yeah.

A person who takes risks for themselves is fine, and the returns earned, if large, are fine too.  But don’t take risks for me.  I like slow and steady.  I like strong foundations, large sea walls, strong roofs and good drainage systems.  Especially in a hurricane.

FDR saved US in 2009

The hurricane in America ended in 2010, maybe 2009 when we stopped losing 800,000 jobs a month.  Problem was the foundation was weak, the sea walls low, the roofs designed poorly and the drainage systems sucked.  Rebuilding a city, think Katrina, takes a long time.  Rebuilding an economy takes a lot longer.  It took a war and the GI bill of rights to end the Great Depression.  Thank goodness FDR had the foresight to build a strong social security system or America would have been in a world of hurt in 2009, and still.

Passing Obama Care is the equivalent of passing Social Security, and it is working;  please ignore the hypotheticals.  Americans want, and in many cases need Obama Care, but the country has to pay for it.  We pay for medicare, social security, and now will pay for medical insurance.  This is good, for the benefit is less worry about those who are uncovered.  Most of us have family or friends who have gone uncovered for a long time.  No more.


Did His Customers Get Richer Quicker?

Think of the customers of Bernie Madoff.  All thought they were getting richer quicker.  Beguiling, isn’t it.  Get Richer Quicker, the old story of the turtle and the hare.  Bush was that kind of guy, strutting his stuff but like a comet, trailing a long tail of debris in his wake.  Fortunately, Obama turned the wake onto a highway to recovery.

Without Social Security and the Safety Net provided by ‘big government’, 2008 would have been the start of a great depression.  And for many Americans it was a great depression.  Especially by the frequently cited definition: A recession is when your neighbor is unemployed, a depression is when you loss your job.

The stock market is back, auto sales rising, home prices rising, construction of housing units apparent in many areas (it is pacifying to see new construction), Mortgage rates at 3.5%, 3.5%, the war in Iraq is over, Afghanistan is finishing up (read “Into the Fire” by Dakota Meyer, a fast read, and, while not intended as such, an expose of the roadblocks to building a strong central government in Afghanistan), Gadafi was toppled without American ground troops, repayment terms for student loans are now 20 years, you can refi a mortgage to a lower rate even if the appraisal is below the loan value, and small business (mine for example) has benefitted from tax modifications over the last three years.

The tax modifications allowed KMO to go to a new, much improved plant, acquire new roasting equipment and expand our workforce by at least six (that’s six added to 12 and that doesn’t count the part time staff expansion) because our sales expanded.

So I’m perfectly satisfied with the progress the country is making.

Stay the course.  Stick to the Status Quo.  It’s pretty good, and getting better.

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2 Responses to “Get Richer Quicker??? No thanks Mitt.”

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  2. leslie Says:

    Amen, Bob! Very well reasoned. Let’s keep investing in our future. Donations made, fingers crossed.

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