Romney: Marketing Expert; Brillant Strategist

Here comes the money for Romney Family

But President?

Romney ‘crafted’ a persona built to satisfy the needs and wants of citizens.  He is a product.  All of his positions are designed to increase sales, in this instance measured in votes.

He now unveils the public relations campaign painting him as the winner, the candidate with the momentum to carry the election.  Actually brillant, in my business judgement.

Problem is, Romney believes that a presidential campaign is just words and slogans.  It is a business strategy and might very well work.  It will become a Harvard Business Review case study.

Let us remember that the 2000 Presidential election was determined by the Supreme Court and that an appointment to the Supreme Court is the plumb sort by the Republican Party.  My blood pressure is rising.

The Media is the Message for the Marketing Man.

I have no doubt that Romney is a good business man, a smart tactician, perhaps a brilliant strategist.

But I have no idea what he will do.  No idea.

One Day Romney is Tricky Dick

Now  LBJ 


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