Hey “You’ll Get Your Turn” – You Betcha – We’ll Vote

Imagine an international leader turning to the President of the United States, extending his hand at the President with palm’s down, and shouting “hey, you’ll get your turn”.

Then, when the President in his normal, courteous manner reply’s “you asked a question”, the so-called international leader forcefully retorts “that wasn’t a question, it was a statement”.  And turns his back, snubs the President of the United States, and continues talking.

Unheard of?  This Romney to Obama exchange in the Tuesday Night debate  convinced me that Romney is not always aware of what he is doing acting out without discipline.  Same thing with the impulsive, compulsive outburst attacking our President as the Libyan consulate was being attacked.

Now put Romney, in your imagination, on a stage with, say, Putin, Churchill, Roosevelt, Chavez, Reagan, the first Bush, or Lincoln, or best, with the Pope or the Leader of the Mormon Church.

No more Romnesia.


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3 Responses to “Hey “You’ll Get Your Turn” – You Betcha – We’ll Vote”

  1. Hey “You’ll Get Your Turn” – You Betcha – We’ll Vote « Bob’s Music Blog Says:

    […] Hey “You’ll Get Your Turn” – You Betcha – We’ll Vote. […]

  2. Bob Johnson Says:

    I’m a bit incredulous, but it is a powerful example of the power of message, marketing, marksmanship (a la target marketing) and salesmanship. Romney is promoting heavily new positions, and the voters are apparently accepting it.

    It may be that the electorate admires behavior illuminated by strong language both vocal and non-vocal, and sees the master of this method of discourse as a powerful man worthy of election. I believe it so.

    The question is: What lies behind the mask. Campbell Soup once put marbles in the soup bowls used in advertising their product on television, in order to bring the vegitables and potatoes to the surface, thus creating an illusion not equaled by reality.

    So I think we might call this process, in addition to the newly coined “Romesia”, Marble Mouth Mitt.

  3. Paul Says:

    I have been bothered by the fact that the presidential race has become a close one. During the past four years, unemployment has dropped by 2+%, we are out of Iraq, the stock market is nearing all time highs, a national healthcare program has been started and the housing market is recovering. (not to forget, Osama Bin Laden was killed.)These are huge gains since the exiting of our former president. I don’t understand how the people of this country could even consider interrupting the actions our current president has taken and returning to Bush era times and possibly worse. This country had a revenue surplus before the election of Bush. Isn’t it clear Romney will lead us down the same path. And this time it may be unsolvable..

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