Electra Amsterdam 8i – Bike to work


Finally, I’ve gotten underway.  Here is the bike at rest.  For the second day, yeah.  The ride is 3.5 miles, 7 round trip.  So I’m beginning to burn some calorie’s, and saving gas, and I guess the saving whole world.

The question then is: “If I lose weight, will the earth be lighter?”

The Electra Amsterdam is a great bike with just enough gears to make the ride humanly possible for an out of shape, overweight, 66 year old, guy.  There are some rolling hills with elevation changes of 75 to 100 feet, so some huffing and puffing are in order.

And you always sit because the crank (pedals) are set 6 inches or so forward of the seat.  Sitting makes the uphill’s tougher as there is no way to leverage power.  On my recumbent, an Easy Racer, or, E.Z. Racer, Tour Easy Model, I press my back against the seat back, and gain leverage.  On a ‘regular’ bike you can stand to get more power.

The Amsterdam is a good design.  The chain is fully enclosed, both sides and top and bottom.  It has a ‘Coat or Skirt Protector’ over the rear wheel to prevent coats getting caught in the wheel.  Fenders keep the dirt down, and best, don’t allow the dreaded ‘mud line’ down the back of your shirt and up the front.  There is even a generator for the headlight.  But the fan in the picture requires more energy than the generator supplies.

Now if it came with a chauffeur …

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