Yikes?? Bikes??

Electra AmsterdamThe Electra Amsterdam.

Its a Great bike.  Eight gears, lots of clothing protection, shifting is done in the rear hub (no deraileur), the chain is fully enclosed, and it comes with fenders,  rack and a good old fashioned light generator that works off the front wheel.  Fantastic looks as well.

I was going to call this post “Food, Food Go Away, Come Again Another Way”, but it just seemed too much reality.  With all the TV coverage of sugar addiction I finally got the message.  The brain gets wired, and needs a lot of practice in new ways of behaving, if you want to change the way you behave.  Thus, bike to work.

Who is it that said “hope springs eternal”.  I just finished a good read “The Heart and the Fist” that talks about conditioning, hardship, and hope.  Hope led me to the bike store, and the book reminded me to “just do it”.  So its warm weather, well, was warm weather, and time to get out on the road.  But my easy racer just doesn’t fit with bike to work.

Bob on Easy Racer

Here is the Easy Racer Ready to Ride (down the East Coast).   You will get more information on riding down the east coast at www.rideforindependents.com my journal about the trip and all the vists to coffee stores, which is my passion and how I make a living.

I was born in New York, which I think was named New Amsterdam for a short while.  So I guess my brain was wired in to The Amsterdam, no sooner sought than bought.

I hope it works.

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