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Who Can Do the Work?

February 25, 2012

Who Can Do the Work?

Well I sure have gone from pillar to post on the Republicans, and I could only answer a democratic fund-raiser with a “haven’t decided” yet.  Which one of the five candidates (Including Incumbant)is best?

What is it about Romney?  Something just doesn’t click.

Gingrich?  There is a song “Old and In the Way”.

Santorum?  Too, too much personal ‘values’ and belief’s, not enough ideas about the future.  Will he nuke Iran?  What does he mean ‘do anything to stop them”?  Will we spend all our time on religion?

Ron Paul?  Maybe he is the best choice this go round.  I sure like his money views.  And his “get the government out of our hair” philosophy.

Which is better in re Iran?  Leave them to do their thing or nuke ’em?  How will Gingrich, Romney and Santorum stop Iran?  If Iran nukes Israel, and Israel nukes them, should we nuke them both?

Ron Paul I think is the best of this bunch.

Can you imagine Americans rioting and shooting guns, if a member of the Armed Forces of Afghanistan burned a Bible or the Old Testament?  It’s a book for goodness sakes.  The Afghans are certainly proving Ron Paul to be better suited to dealing with their situation, and, let us not forget they export more poppies than the rest of the world.

Someone please ask the president to stop holding his hands like a football player, and hold on to the rail when he gets off Air Force 1.  There are too many stumbles already.

Hello Rick Santorum: “Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead”

February 12, 2012

Well, Well. Can he do it?

Last night Leo and Sherry traveled to Millville for a delightful evening of good food, good talk and good music.  We gave about 30 seconds to politics.

But they were a very important 30 seconds.  The question/answer was: Which of them can lead the country?  Which can be President of the United States of America?  And the question begins with the incumbant.

This week the incumbant stood in front of the nation, and with a smile calmly announced the “budget” for 2012.  The focus is always on the deficit not the amount spent.  Does anyone know how much the nation actually spends, actually collects from you and me?

So this year the deficit will be $1.33 Trillion.  Big smile.

Here comes the money

I must say Ron Paul has the best ideas, but can he lead the United States?  Perhaps.  Can he lead the planet?  Well, maybe.  Can Gingrich, Romney, Obama, Santorum?  Perhaps it is time for paradigm shift of the largest order.  Like Galileo.  An old question nags at my consciousness.  Would we be the United States of America without the French Navy in 1780 ish?

My parents were Catholic and I remember watching the Kennedy/Nixon race and surprise, my folks were for Nixon, the paragon of honesty.  Right now, I switch again, to focus on Santorum, despite his papal beliefs.

I think now of President Obama as cocky, and the best symbol of this trait is his running down airplane steps, not holding to the handrail.  Hey, small stuff, hold the rail, we can’t afford to see the president bound down and break his neck.  It has nothing to do with you, Mr. President, it has to do with those who depend upon you.  Enough already, we know you’re athletic.

If not the incumbant, then who.  President Romney, still invoking his fathers performance?  Or President Gingrich, the Professor in Chief?  This said, there is only only Dr. Paul, with excellent ideas, or President Santorum.  Kind of like one of our famous Admirals said: “Damn the Torpedoes’, full speed ahead”.   There are no other choices.

Go Get ’em Ron Paul

February 7, 2012

I shudda knowt Newt Couldnt Doit

Well, excepting a huge turnaround tonight Newt’s out; even if he doesn’t know it.

I think Santorum is the most level-headed candidate, but I’m leaning to Ron Paul, for I believe we need a big shakeup in DC.

I like the way Ron Paul presents his ideas, and he has great ideas.  He will bring, it seems, enough change to bring out every lobbyist in the world; all trying to stop him.

Good Luck tonight Ron Paul.  It’s time.


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