No Surprise New Hamphire, No Luck for Us

Here comes the money

I was hoping that New Hampshire might provide us with a person who would bring ‘cents’ (pronounced sense) to Washington.  No luck.  So today this picture depicts, who?  I guess the answer to this imponderable question is “He Who Gets the Money is Celebrating”.   Rhetoric will not stop the insane accumulation of debt;courage and discipline will.

Ron Paul, hummm.  Perhaps with his age we might elect him, knowing he is the person most likely to stem the flow, and maybe hold back the tide, and probably be a one term president.   Since the planet is relatively peaceful, why not give him a try?

I gave, for me, generously to the Obama campaign in 2008.  I gave this week to both Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman.  Their post-election speeches on Tuesday were very different; one sincere and effective, the other a bit sloppy, with credibility issues.

Hey, that’s my money raining down, and yours, and we need an umbrella and a courageous and diligent and disciplined candidate to stop the rain.

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