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Holy Cow. How Did Newt Gingrich Do It?

January 22, 2012

Newt Thinks Clearly - Newt Speaks Clearly

New Gingrich will take the fight directly to the President.  Can you see a debate?  Remember when Ronald Reagan chided Mondale not to bring up the age issue?  Reagan and Gingrich make you feel right.

Right now Newt Gingrich is making us feel good.  He will start drilling, finish the pipeline, cut out the czar’s, and he promises to balance the budget as soon as he can, and begin to pay down the debt.  He certainly is saying what I want to hear.  I hope, and I can only hope, that he means it, and can execute these policies and idea’s.

The field is narrowing.

Standard Schnauzer’s Teasing – Fantastic Funny Viedeo

January 15, 2012

I’ve Posted this before, but saw it this morning and could not stop admiring and smiling and laughing.  It’s what dog’s are all about.

Liam and Ruby Teasing.

No Surprise New Hamphire, No Luck for Us

January 11, 2012

Here comes the money

I was hoping that New Hampshire might provide us with a person who would bring ‘cents’ (pronounced sense) to Washington.  No luck.  So today this picture depicts, who?  I guess the answer to this imponderable question is “He Who Gets the Money is Celebrating”.   Rhetoric will not stop the insane accumulation of debt;courage and discipline will.

Ron Paul, hummm.  Perhaps with his age we might elect him, knowing he is the person most likely to stem the flow, and maybe hold back the tide, and probably be a one term president.   Since the planet is relatively peaceful, why not give him a try?

I gave, for me, generously to the Obama campaign in 2008.  I gave this week to both Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman.  Their post-election speeches on Tuesday were very different; one sincere and effective, the other a bit sloppy, with credibility issues.

Hey, that’s my money raining down, and yours, and we need an umbrella and a courageous and diligent and disciplined candidate to stop the rain.

“Hey New Hampshire”, Surprise Us

January 10, 2012

The Right One

I’m sure you got it, right.  Right.

One would think the congress and the President think they are rainmaker’s, raining money upon us, and scoring large because of it.  We need a drought.

Enough written.  And surely enough said.

Money: Do The Hard Work. Ben Franklin

January 1, 2012

Bill Johnson, my Father in 1945

My father told me: “Bob, don’t spend what you don’t have’.  In my life I added “Only spend if you have a committed or closed loan”.  Of course a loan will only be available if you have the income that convinces a lender that you have the capacity to pay it back.  It really is simple, but it takes a lot of discipline.  Our leaders always spend our money when they don’t have enough, and always spend without loans approved.

I heard that the President is asking the Congress for an increase in the debt limit, again, of $1,500,000,000,000 .  One Trillion, Five Hundred Billion dollars.  It happens at a time when I think the bankers, especially the youngsters, boys and girls really, in the Banks Back Room, the so-called MBA credit analysts,  are causing the continuing depression for 20% of the nation.  No lending, no jobs.

I says nuts to them all.  Boehner, McConnell, The President, the Banks,  all of them, must go.  There is not a hint of discipline or rational behavior in those who govern.  There are no adjectives to describe what is happening.  I am sorry to say that I gave a lot of money to The President last go around, but I’m loath to do it now, for he lacks the discipline needed to manage a very large enterprise.  But there is not a single candidate worth supporting.  Well maybe Hunstman.

How can three or four presidential candidates not get on the ballot in Virginia, and now sue, all because of their poor organizational skills.  They will spend more on legal fees than it would have cost them to get signatures.  I’ve run for local office and I know it is hard work to get signatures, but you must do it, or not get on the ballot.

I see no leaders in this years race.  It’s the only real thing Boehner can cry over, and I’ll join him.  So if there are no leaders that meet this simple criteria – possessing self-discipline – I just might support a radical, willing to clobber the budgets and tens of thousands of government employees.  I don’t think Americans are ready to roll over and play dead, but we will need nerves of steel to get through this decade and remain leaders.  Gotta do the work.  We all have to do the work.

Keep the guy or gal in the mirror on track.  Exert yourself, and encourage others to exert themselves to do the work.

Here’s looking at you.  Happy New Year.

An Introspector

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