Come On CBS: one game is enough

Sunday evening I like to relax, and get to bed at a reasonable hour.  I’m 65, and I was watching the Heidi Game.  I am a football fan, yes, a fan, and I like good football games, but I like my life scheduled, and I like my games either good or important, better if both good and important. 

But now it is just plain rediculous.  There is not a single Sunday Schedule on CBS that works as advertised.  And they are in my opinion screwing up.

Tonight was just insulting.  I had to struggle through a horrible performance by the Eagles, finally ending at 7:30.  So ok, Good Wife will start at 10:30 and finish at 11:30, actually later than I like. 

But then CBS just does a stupid thing, for the umpteenth time, and the next to last for me.  They immediately go to the Denver, San Diego game.  Which?  Denver vs. San Diego, and it has 9 minutes to go, which in football time is at least a half hour, so 60 Minutes will live up to its name and be 60 Minutes late.

It is getting, no, it is rediculous, and time to rethink.  Come on CBS, it is 2011 and if we want to watch the Denver/SD game we can in any one of a dozen ways.  We don’t need you to screw up the night.  Click.

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