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Thankfully No Damage to our Home and Plant

August 28, 2011

In this area the maximum winds were 50 mph or so. Lot of rain. But all is well here. It is one of the reasons KMO stayed in Southern New Jersey. It is rare that hurricanes hit. They tend to go up the coast, and usually 4o to 50 miles out. So we experience very little of the harsh and threatening weather so prevalent in the rest of the US. I can’t remember a day, even the heaviest snow days, that the plant closed down completely.

Thunder and lightening storms are the biggest threat, so we have to go to cell phones from time to time (although last night our entire family – a housefull of evacuted folks and dogs – spent an hour in the basement because the news said a tornado was on the ground and headed our way). We don’t get tornado’s, but there were a few last night, caused by the hurricane.

So, we know some of you had big problems, and we will do what we need to do, and can do, to help. Let us know.

We are thankful to be safe and sound and up and running.

Music To My Ears – and – Heart

August 6, 2011

Paul and Bob Johnson, Proud as Peacocks

We started moving our manufacturing facility last Friday, July 29, 2011 and got pretty much everything moved by Saturday.  Man oh Man, or, Woman oh Woman, did we sweat.  It was hot, and everyone dropped a few pounds, but not one piece of equipment. 

We held off on our biggest piece of equipment, a Dietrich CR 80 Coffee Roaster, Big Red we called it for a little while, until Wednesday of this week, August 2, 2011, just to make sure all of the roasters we moved had backup.  So Paul and company dis-assembled this monster starting Wednesday, moved it Thursday (mostly by big forklifts) down the road, literally.  They got it together with some tugs and a few hugs, and now it is music to our ears.

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