Alan Lipow: He Was A Friend of Mine

Alan's on the Far Right; Standing L to R: J. Copeland, T Glaessgen, R. Johnson (me), R Ryder, R Hefele, R Schiraldi, D Policastro, A. Lipow; Kneeling: K. Roemer, A. Schlosser

Alan Lipow was a member of the Class of 1963, East Rockaway High School, Long Island, New York.  He was a good friend of mine. 

01 – He Was A Friend Of Mine

This song is a sad song, but a happy song too, because it celebrates friendship.

The Class of 1963 is a close-knit group of people.  Many of us are in an e-mail group that writes frequently.   And many have written of their friendship, of being a girlfriend, a fellow athlete (Alan played football and baseball and basketball).  Later he followed his father in the Pharmacy Business.

He will be missed, and many of the class are stunned that he is gone.  The last I saw Alan was at our 30th reunion.

His energy will stay with us for all time.

Alan, Salute.

11 The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Re-Recor

PS: Seeing the JV Team I remembered this infamous song, that got us in trouble a few times.

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2 Responses to “Alan Lipow: He Was A Friend of Mine”

  1. Ralph Blanchette Says:

    Hi Bob — As you know, Alan was a friend of mine too and I will always remember his volatile personality and his laughter. Nice Tribute!

  2. Bob Johnson Says:

    I think he was in the Key Club too.

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