Are Solar Panels Really the Answer?

Are These Panels

 the Answer?


Maybe not.  Several local homewoners were recently denied permits to connect their recently installed solar panels to the Electric Utilities Grid, where, theoretically, they would sell excess power generated by the home’s solar panels.  Denied permission to connect?

Yes, they were denied (see the article at the end of this post).    The reason given is that the utility did not need the power in the homeowners area and the excess power would lead to the power company’s lines overheating, thus creating a hazard.  One ‘issue’, according to the power company, is a ‘grid’ designed to send power in one direction.  Perhaps there are direction sign’s on copper wires.

Oops.  Think for a moment of an entire nation running on Solar Panels, all feeding an electric grid.  Who will install, maintain, and administer the grid, making sure that there is an even distribution of power during individual consumers (and businesses) peak usage?  And who will keep track of who owes who for power?

The logical conclusion is the Federal Government, or, a National Utility made to look like the Post Office.  In other words, taxpayers.

Granted that the example is extreme, for we will never have 100% Solar Panelists.  I create the example in order to more clearly understand (I think) the problem.

Utilities must spend precious capital funds for upgrading the system so it will accept power inputs from all the homeowners who install Electric Generating Solar Panels.  The utility must spend money in order to make less.  They make less because every homeowner who installs a system is a lost customer for the utility. 

So the utility will not willingly spend money to lose money.  There is only one entity that spends money in order to lose money.  Uncle Sam.

Who funds Uncle Sam?   And while SPO’s (Solar Panel Owner’s) grow in number, the non-SPO (those without the famously planet saving devices) population will pay more so that their neighbors will pay less.  I think.


From Press of Atlantic City, Saturday, October 16, 2010

I hope I’m wrong and that you will set me straight.

An Alternative View

Or, the SPO’s might be substituting their capital (50% subsidized by you and I) for the capital the utility would invest in new Solar Arrays, or Wind Turbines.  In this scenario you and I still pay for the SPO subsidy, and the utility stays in business charging the laggards (those of us who are slow to accept Solar Power) more, replacing the sales and profits given up to SPO’s.

I’m not saying you should throw stones at the solar panels.  I am saying you are better off getting a solar panel first and enjoying at lease for a while, a respite from the pain of utility bills, provided the money you save is your own, and not mine.

Wind vs. Solar

Anyway, one day a meteor will smash into the earth, or a super volcano will erupt from within, and then we Windy People will laugh at the SPO’s, of course, if we were lucky enough not to be under the meteor or over the volcano.

Go Wind.

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