Dolphins Feeding in Virginia Beach on Video

Great luck.  Cathy and I looked out our hotel window and saw what we thought was a shark.  No shark, but many dolphins, working together and eating, we think.

Caught it all on video.  This one is 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

We were in Virginia Beach visiting Arthur and Charlotte, and Charlotte’s sister Ju Ju and her husband Johnny.  It was Ju Ju’s birthday.  After dining with a bunch of Charlotte’s family and Ju Ju’s friends, we went back to Ju Ju’s home for great cake and coffee and some songs.  Arthur did many of his original songs, and I did some grass and a few Irish tunes.  It was a wonderful evening.

Thank you Arthur, Charlotte, Ju Ju and Johnny.

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2 Responses to “Dolphins Feeding in Virginia Beach on Video”

  1. Bob Johnson Says:

    You Betcha.

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  2. Paul Johnsoon Says:

    National Geographic at its best.

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