Son Paul on New Holland Doing the Heavy Lifting

The roads (well the paths) are almost complete and it is time to start clearing the underbrush in the woods.  This is grueling work by hand; can you imagine the Lincolns in Missouri and Kentucky clearing the land by hand and lifting the logs to build a home.  I can’t.  Son Paul dropped a big oak and cut it up to firewood size and I simply could not lift for long.  These are like 18 inch pieces. 

Now lift 10 to 20 footers.  Good for you Abe.  Not for me.

Here is Paul doing his thing.  We are clearing out the small stuff, and filling a slight cavity onto which we will move the yellow shed.  Then we will install a Cedar Shed with a porch on which we will play bluegrass and I might make a writing room.  For Cathy we will install a Cottage for the Dogs Agility Area.  It will house the agility equipment and special tools for maintaining the course.

Paul operates Meadowview Landscaping in Cape May, Atlantic and Cumberland Counties, New Jersey.  He works hard and is in the process of expanding.

Around four Paul and I left with Cathy, Michelle and Jake, Marli and Luke to see the Cowtown Rodeo in Salem County.  More on that tomorrow.

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