Backyard Project

Backyard - Right Side - Agility Area

Here is the almost finished back yard with most paths done.  The fenced area is for Ruby and Liam when they feel like running the  agility course, which is in the woods waiting for the grass to strengthen.
Back Yard – Left Side – Yellow Shed

The Yellow shed we plan to move back to the corner of the property.  I am trimming the trees so we can see the ‘stone yard’.

Butterflies Doing the Mating Dance

They were having a great time and I had to run around trying to get them to cooperate.  They had other things on their mind.  We thought there were many more butterflies around the property this year.  Maybe they like stones.

I’m now connecting the back and front yards and will have a path around the perimeter of the property.   Ah, it is good to have a vision of the future, and the will to go after it.  Fortunately, my body is still able to do this stuff.  Living in a condo for 15 years cured me temporarily, but now six years into home ownership again the desire returned.

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    This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!!

    Finally I have found something which helped me. Thank you!

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