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Dolphins Feeding in Virginia Beach on Video

September 30, 2010

Great luck.  Cathy and I looked out our hotel window and saw what we thought was a shark.  No shark, but many dolphins, working together and eating, we think.

Caught it all on video.  This one is 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

We were in Virginia Beach visiting Arthur and Charlotte, and Charlotte’s sister Ju Ju and her husband Johnny.  It was Ju Ju’s birthday.  After dining with a bunch of Charlotte’s family and Ju Ju’s friends, we went back to Ju Ju’s home for great cake and coffee and some songs.  Arthur did many of his original songs, and I did some grass and a few Irish tunes.  It was a wonderful evening.

Thank you Arthur, Charlotte, Ju Ju and Johnny.

Cowtown Rodeo: Not Just Oil Refineries and Turnpikes

September 30, 2010

Southern New Jersey is Beautiful place to live.  There are a slew of things to do: The Shore; Atlantic City; Phillies; Eagles; Pinelands; Cowtown Rodeo.  These are just the beginning.  We also have McDonald’s.  Here are a few short takes.

And now for Bull Riding.  Imagine doing this out on the range for fun, or, after clearing your back yard.  Nevermore, quote the Raven.

I’m not sure what you call the following activity, but its Riding a Horse Fast, Fall on the Bull, and Wrestling The Bull, Or Not.

It was a great day and night.  Pop Corn, Soda Pop, Family.

Son Paul on New Holland Doing the Heavy Lifting

September 27, 2010

The roads (well the paths) are almost complete and it is time to start clearing the underbrush in the woods.  This is grueling work by hand; can you imagine the Lincolns in Missouri and Kentucky clearing the land by hand and lifting the logs to build a home.  I can’t.  Son Paul dropped a big oak and cut it up to firewood size and I simply could not lift for long.  These are like 18 inch pieces. 

Now lift 10 to 20 footers.  Good for you Abe.  Not for me.

Here is Paul doing his thing.  We are clearing out the small stuff, and filling a slight cavity onto which we will move the yellow shed.  Then we will install a Cedar Shed with a porch on which we will play bluegrass and I might make a writing room.  For Cathy we will install a Cottage for the Dogs Agility Area.  It will house the agility equipment and special tools for maintaining the course.

Paul operates Meadowview Landscaping in Cape May, Atlantic and Cumberland Counties, New Jersey.  He works hard and is in the process of expanding.

Around four Paul and I left with Cathy, Michelle and Jake, Marli and Luke to see the Cowtown Rodeo in Salem County.  More on that tomorrow.

Back Yard Before and After

September 23, 2010

Right Side Before Buying 12-31-2003



Two Weeks Ago (2010 9-5)


See you soon Arthur and Charlotte.

Jennifer Johnson Did a Great Job on NBC Chase

September 21, 2010

My Daughter Jennifer Speaking to LA Film Critics


“BEVERLY HILLS, CA – JULY 30: Executive producer Jennifer Johnson speaks onstage during the ‘Chase’ session panel for the NBC Universal portion of the summer Television Critics Association press tour on July 30, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images”

I was surprised to see the triple credits: Executive Producer; Creator; Written By.

Three of my friends told me they viewed the show after recording it on DVR’s.  The impact of this feature on television is much deeper than I knew, and exciting.  The DVR gives control back to the viewer.  I use it for Antique Roadshow, one of my favorites, and even speeding through the advertisements I still get the point of the ad, so networks and advertisers need not worry. 

Speeding through advertisements forces me to focus on the screen, and the ads.

Hat’s off to Jennifer who is at the top of her game in what I believe is the biggest of big leagues, world wide.  I recall that business clients in Iceland were avid fans of Cold Case, for example.

Great Job Jennifer

Dad and Cathy



The Chase is on: Tonight at 10 PM Watch Chase on NBC

September 20, 2010

I’m extremely proud to relate that my daughter Jennifer is the Creator and Executive Producer of Chase, premiering on NBC tonight (September 20, 2010) at 10 PM following the Event.

Kelli Giddish, the star was on the Today Show this morning.  She is marvelous darling, marvelous.

Kelli Dressed to Kill in the Nice Sense of the Word

Most times Kelli is dressed in Jeans and Colt 45, a real US Marshall.    If you need some coffee to keep you up by all means go to, Kaffe Magnum Opus.

Please Watch.

Backyard Project

September 6, 2010

Backyard - Right Side - Agility Area

Here is the almost finished back yard with most paths done.  The fenced area is for Ruby and Liam when they feel like running the  agility course, which is in the woods waiting for the grass to strengthen.
Back Yard – Left Side – Yellow Shed

The Yellow shed we plan to move back to the corner of the property.  I am trimming the trees so we can see the ‘stone yard’.

Butterflies Doing the Mating Dance

They were having a great time and I had to run around trying to get them to cooperate.  They had other things on their mind.  We thought there were many more butterflies around the property this year.  Maybe they like stones.

I’m now connecting the back and front yards and will have a path around the perimeter of the property.   Ah, it is good to have a vision of the future, and the will to go after it.  Fortunately, my body is still able to do this stuff.  Living in a condo for 15 years cured me temporarily, but now six years into home ownership again the desire returned.

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