What Aliens Really Look Like, Or, “How Pleasure Works”, a short review

Eye's, Mouth, Color Preferences, Strength

I can’t say it is ugly.  I can’t say it is pretty, or for that matter, handsome.  It’s snout moves like our mouths.  It sure looks like it has eyes.  He dove off a 2.5 foot high table onto gravel below, and it seemed to bother him/her/it not a whit.  There is a blue stripe on the table and hesheit got a quick look and turned around preferring to stay on the yellow table top. 

I’m reading “How Pleasure Works” by Paul Bloom, a Harvard Psychiatrist  (oops –>Yale), and just happened to be in the section titled “Imagination”, that is, human’s ability to see reality and non-reality, simultaneously assigning factual (the caterpillar is orange) and imagined (hesheit has eyes), and grossly overstated (I think) attributes (What Aliens Look Like): when this bug got a hold of me.  Dr. Bloom’s interest is in the ‘essence” of this bug (humm, visitor). 

The book is an easy read about what I think is a complex subject.  Bloom is an essentialist, believing that all things have an essence that humans associate with them.  For example, in “Amelie”, a wonderful French Movie about a young lady who spends her free time helping other people, she (Amelie) fakes a letter from a long dead husband; she has the post office deliver the letter to her neighbor, the widow, along with a note saying it was long overdue because the mail lay for 40 years in a satchel on top of a mountain where the plane carrying the mail crash landed in WWII.  The letter professes love and a desire to come home soon.  It changes the wife’s view of history and her long-lost, yet still loved, dead, husband.  The letter contained, she believed, his essence.  Yet he never touched it.  So this letter, a fake, has multiple essences, each dependent on the beholders point of view. 

Nonetheless, this caterpillar may be an alien, or not. 

Contemplating the Ether


The Caterpillar is Contemplating a Leap of Faith, and Declines.

If anyone out there in the ether knows what this bugger is, write me please, or leave a much desired erudite comment. 

Caterpillar After Landing after a fall 15 times it’s height

Please do not ask how he got to the gravel.  Only hope that hesheit is not an alien with allies in the sky waiting for our response to this Orangepillar.

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