Liam Schnauzer Playing with Ruby Schnauzer

Liam baiting Ruby

About a second after this photo Ruby Decked him.  Not at all in anger, just telling him who’s boss.  It is working, slowly.

This guy is really a pleasure.  Tonight we took him to PetSmart as a part of his socialization.  Two ladies who knew he was a Standard Schnauzer (which most folks confuse with the mini), asked to pet him.  We agreed and his tail was moving faster than my camera shoots. 

The biggest challenge is helping Ruby and Liam get along.  It is great to see them communicate in Dog, and the only time Ruby seems to be agitated is when Liam is doing the Puppy Dance.  He is flat on the floor, his front legs spread wide apart, snout on the floor, butt up slightly, and tensed to pounce in any direction.  It is good to see him do the dance, although Ruby thinks otherwise.   Overall we are very happy with the progress the two of them are making.

I’ve had my second thoughts about two dogs.  For sure it is a big change, this puppy thing.  But Cathy has taken on the responsibilities and I’m thankful for her effort.

Bee Sting Update

 Bee Sting Update

I was stung twice.  The first was on my left arm, a few inches above the elbow.  This one I pinched immediately trying to get the stinger out.  As I understand it now, I probably broadcast the venom.  No matter the reason this sting site hurt for a long time, despite all attempts to calm it.   The other, left alone, subsided overnight.  The second site is on my right side six inches below the armpit, and favoring the back. 

I flooded the hole in the ground, the entrance to the bee hive, with chemicals, and then covered it with weed mat, which I’m using under the stones in the paths in our backyard.  There are stragglers that hover around the entrance site, even with the mat in place and now covered with few stones to keep it in place.  Bees must have built-in GPS or Garmin’s or Tom Tom’s. 

Latter today I’ll try to complete the path I inadvertently built over the hive, but it will take all my courage and tenacity.  I can not imagine how the body would react to a large number of stings.  Occasionally there are news accounts of large-scale bee attacks on a hapless victim who steps on a hive while mowing the lawn, sometimes resulting in fatality.   Ugh. 

We live on land that was wooded for I guess centuries, and I guess bees like it as a home site.  We purchased our home on December 31, 2003 and we have uncovered at least seven hives; as a result, when I walk in the woods I’m always conscious of the ground I walk upon and alert to bees.  Not enough though.

Go Chelsea

I lived in Kingston New York from 1969 to 1984 and frequently travelled across the Rhinebeck Bridge, over the Hudson River, to Rhinebeck and Red Hook for dinner many times in the Governor Clinton Hotel in Rhinebeck.  Before the attack on the World Trade Center, Rhinebeck was a pleasant, quiet town.  It changed as Folks from The City fled north and purchased homes  in Upstate.  Not only did Real Estate values sky-rocket, but the serene essence of the area changed. 

I can see why Chelsea picked Rhinebeck for her wedding.  My daughter Jennifer looked at Rhinebeck, but choose instead Oneonta, on Route 28 near Woodstock, N.Y. for her wedding, which was a marvelous event, too many years ago.

For some reason, it is soothing to look at the picture of Chelsea and her husband standing alonside her parents.  Her father looks a little gaunt.

Rhinebeck will never be the same.  This is not unusual though, we can never go back, and once touched, no area is ever the same.  There is no ‘same time next year’.


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