Cool Mountain Streams and Calming Ponds

My Son Paul built this Stream and Pond

My Grandson Luke Laboring on the Stones (not mine)

I’ve often thought of water running through it, my yard.  It would be refreshing, I think.  You too can have a pond and stream if you give my son a call (Paul Johnson).  He is quite talented.  The creative side of the Johnson Clan he expresses in earth, fire and stone.  And patio’s, fire pits, brick or cobblestone driveways, and other weighty objects.  I’m thinking Luke or Jake, or for that matter Maggie, our famous B-ball and (she prefers) third basewoman, or Marli may take it over one day. 

There is a bluegrass song that goes:
“If I die, in my backyard
If I die, in my back yard
If I die in my back yard, I’ll die working hard.
My sins have overtaken me.
The title of the original song  is “Hand Me Down My Walking Cane”, and I substituted back yard for the word Tennessee.  The fourth line ends ‘ship me back COD’ in the Original.  So it goes:
If I die in Tennessee
If I die in Tennessee
If I die in Tennessee
Ship me back COD
My sins they have overtaken me.

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