Liam – The Adorable Hugable Loveable Standard Schnauzer

My Melting Point

 I’m a sucker for a puppy, and especially a puppy as attentive and loveable as Liam.  Thank goodness.  He is almost potty trained (when do you actually know this?).  He uses gravel in the driveway (easy pickup). He is fast as the wind and if given the chance will run; but he runs for the door to the house.  He loves the grass.  I think this was a play area at LeAnn’s. Cathy has him walking with Ruby.  Ruby is not nuts about a wild and wooly pup.  We are on our third iteration of a gate in the kitchen.   

A Gate for All Dogs - Childrens Gate from Toys R Us

This one took some work and it was missing the locking mechanism, but the company is sending a replacement (I swear there is nothing I buy or do now where there is not something going awry).  The hinges are excellent.  There is a support for the latch end (hidden by Ruby’s head).  And it is easily bungeed.

There are two here. The unadorned on the left and the adulterated on the right.

Each one of the failures cost $99 at PetSmart which is not AdultSmart.  The plywood cost another $78 (with nails and screws).  Kaput.  Liam was over the low one in a week, and the added weight of the plywood made the other too unstable to keep; and Liam is good at jumping against it, which partially dismantled the $99 portion.  Notice the bottom right support leg is missing on the adulterated model.  

Want to buy these?  They will work for small dogs, and they look really nice and are easy to assemble.  Call me: 856 825 8213 or write.

We buy a lot of stuff from PetSmart, yet today I had a real problem returning yet another gate that never made it out of the box.  I bought it yesterday, July 13, 2010 and returned it today, the 14th (which is Bastille Day, and my Brother Bill’s Birthday – Happy Birthday Bill).

I use NeatWorks to scan and save all my receipts and I’m in the habit of immediately scanning and then mutilating the originals.  Not good at PetSmart. I printed the copy of the receipt in the NeatWorks software, got dressed nicely so I would not look crooked, went to the store and knew immediately I was in for a problem.  The first cashier says “he’ll have to handle this”.  He is a guy my age, probably a retired boomer who wants to be at PetSmart as much as I want to live with Sarah Palin in Alaska.

Sarah, Sarah Palin, Queen of the Old Frontier

He looks at me and I know right away he thinks I’m crooked.  “How does the company know you didn’t copy someone elses receipt?”, says he.  I’ll spare you the details.  So he agrees to take back the $70 gate, and goes and gets one of those old credit card slider machines, takes an imprint of the card, gets my telephone number down on the slip, and says look for the credit in a couple of weeks, which I know, since I ran the credit card arm of NatWest New Jersey, many years ago (not enough years though). 

Anyhow, it was a pain in the head, the neck, and my angst.

Attribution: The Scream, copied from Wiki Whacky

NeatWorks better do something to straighten these folks out, and bring them into the Twentieth (did I write that?). 

Oh well, hail Liam the Conqueror of Emotions – LCE, for short.


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