These Are Some of My Favorite Things


Jennifer and Dad Sleigh Riding at 42 Fairmont Ave, Kingston, ca 1973

 I’ve wanted to post these pictures for some time as they are near and dear to me.  This one is of Jenn and I bob-sleding in the backyard of 42 Fairmont Ave., in Kingston.  The property had two levels; Street level, and then it dropped off 20 feet and on that incline (decline) we would create a bob-sled run in the winter.  You can see from Jenn’s delight it was good fun.


Paul and Dad enjoying a father and son moment in the dining room of 42 Fairmont Ave., Kingston, ca 1973

Paul and I were playing around with my old guitar, I think it came from Jack Burke at Marist College.  We would sing all the time especially Irish songs by the Clancy Brothers, as Paul grew up.  He is quite a good singer.  And a father.  Does his tongue tell you anything? 

A happy Dad. 


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One Response to “These Are Some of My Favorite Things”

  1. cj Says:

    Looks like great fun, great memories, and the best of pictures!

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