Liams Paws – He is Going to be a Big Standard Schnauzer

Liam Getting Ready to Run

The first thing to look at in this picture is the size of Liam’s feet.  Big.  If the rule of thumb “big feet big dog” is true then Liam will be a big dog (and bigger than Ruby).  LeAnn told us that the males are larger than the females, so this is going to be interesting.  He just finished running his butt off around the agility yard, which is really good now because his energy levels are rising almost as fast as he runs.  Much faster than I. 

Liam's New Barrier

Cathy is pretty sure he is close to being trained to go outside to relieve himself.  There is only one pee in the pen since he arrived home.  Cathy gets him up early, gets him out, as soon as he makes a move after a nap, out, 1 hour or so after meals, out, after exercise, out.  So He is getting used to going out, to go. 

The old boy jumped our new two-week old barrier today.  He is remembering his pack’s action from the yard at LeAnn’s.  I recall the first time I visited LeAnn’s home the two or three adult females tending the pup’s would jump in and out of the protected puppy area.  Liam, being a smart Irishman, learned.

He has been practicing, getting ready to leap the barrier,  in the kitchen.  Puts his legs up on the top and pushes off with his hind feet.  Cathy swears that he took a running leap today, on purpose, and he made it over the top. 

 So you see the result in the picture to the right.  A run to Home Deport, another $78 for lumber and tacks and screws, and wa la, a new improved dog barrier.  I attached ready-made 2′ x 4′ x 1/4″ plywood to the store bought barrier, to get an upgraded version. 

Notice that he will not be able to see out, if he stands on his hind legs and leans on the barrier.  To see out he will have to drop down and stand or go to the down position.  This is pretty smart of us.  (Hah)  We’ll see how he counters the counter measure.  He is one smart pup. 

Let him grow, let him grow.  (Silently sing to Let It Be

Liam our pup – he sure is cute,  We say that Liams – really a beaut, Soon he’ll be able – to run the chute, Eat only red meat – uh uh no fruit.  Hail the poet.


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