The Swedish Side of the Family

Asa Gustafsson My Cousin in Sweden

Asa and I discovered each other through Ancestry. com

It is quite something to find a living relative in the home country.  For a while in my life I was called Blondie, and of course most of the family has blue eyes.  But I’d always thought of myself as Irish, since almost 3/4 of the family are Irish, either Hughes, Kenny or O’Leary.  Johnson of course is my surname, but I pretty much ignored the Swedish connection. 

Not anymore.  Asa changed me.  I am planning to go over to Sweden next summer.  After Cathy and I meet Asa the plan is to head to Faro (not The Faroe’s) Island, which is a small island  just north of Gutland, a large island about an hour or two boat ride from Stockholm.  My great-grandfather Viktor Johnson, who I met many years ago, but can not remember, was born on Faro Island, a rugged, cold, wet island.  He and his family were rugged people.  

Viktor had a brother Claus Alfred from whom Asa descended. 

The house Viktor was raised in is still in good shape. 

Ingmar Bergman lived on Faro and filmed many of his finest movies on Faro.  When I found out about our family connection to Faro I rented a few of his pictures to see the geography.  Bergman’s films are pretty dark and lonely but I did get a feel for the Island.  Bergman’s home is for sale if you are interested. 

I’ve also connected to Allen Abrahamson and Sharon Morrissey, both cousins.  Allen lives in Maine and is a practicing Landscape Architect.  I think Sharon is retired and living in Connecticut.  All are my generation.  Allen descended from a sister of my Grandfather Johnson, and Sharon is a descendent of a Brother of my Great-Grandfather Raber.  

I’m writing a family story and hope one day to publish it as there are many events in my life that I think are worth talking about.  

The Johnson and O’Leary Family Tree

This is the Johnson and O’Leary Family tree that I put together many years ago during interviews with my grandparents.  I was lucky.  Victor is last one on the right, but thanks to Asa I now go back a few more generations.  You can spot Allen Abrahamson on this tree in my generation.

Even if you have no interest at all in my tree, I hope it will get you to thinking.



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