Keep On the Sunny Side, Always on the Sunny, Keep on the Sunny Side of Life

Our Viking Protector

Our Always Smiling Buddy

The fellow on the left is Eric the Red, and the man on the right is the Man in the Sun.  Great smile, and it never leaves him.  Always bright and cheerful, no matter what is going on. 

He is a bit worn, and has lost the right side of his halo, but nonetheless, he keeps smiling.
On the left side of things, our Maui Warrior, or, Eric the Red, may need a bit of a hair cut, but none-the-less he does his job without complaint, requests for more pay or a needed rest.  No doctors appointments.
It is good to have a protector unflinching and steadfast,  and a buddy smiling always.
I took Liam, our male puppy Standard Schnauzer, out for a run in the agility yard.  A few minutes latter he scampered under the picket fence and bolted for the back deck.  The gate there was closed, he turned and made a beeline for the garage door, which was open; he ran in, ran up the stairs to the laundry room, and promptly checked out Cathy’s sandals.  He looked back briefly and I knew he was not stopping for me.
So I guess tomorrow Chris and I will be putting in some temporary wire fencing at the bottom of the picket fence.  Remember the Caddy Shack?  I can see it coming.
Fare well, and good night.
PS: Chris and I stumbled through a 102 temperature day and made more progress on the front ‘patio’.

102 in the car


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