Rocks for the Rockpile

Finished the White Stone Path

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I can’t wait, for tomorrow.  When Chris is here.  The fan in the left side is a welcome addition.  Tomorrow Chris begins filling the left and right sides of this labor of love and lunacy with river rock, six and one half (that’s 6 & 1/2) tons.  Also known as 13,000 pounds.

This new place will be nice for morning coffee and a perch to watch the guys cut the lawn and keep track of  the black and white woodpecker.

A few months ago I dropped 35 pounds (275 to 240 I hate to say) in order to get my numbers down, and get rid of some medications.  I succeeded in dropping blood pressure medication.  I’ve now gained about 12 pounds, 252 this morning, but I’m planning on this summer work, and a good breakfast of oatmeal or eggs, a sandwich and cold soup for lunch, and a  salad of sorts for dinner to help me lick (bad word) this weighty issue.

My problem has and is what happens around 9 or 10 P.M.   All hell breaks loss while watching the old TV or, for that matter, the new TV, when and where I am bombarded with luscious looking lobster, sinful steaming steaks and 2,000 calorie barbeque chicken salads.  It is a test of self-control.  So, I conclude, the biggest advantage of using the internet in lieu of Television is the absence of those abominable advertisements.  However, this does not include Jennifer’s show, Chase. 

So I’m on my way back to the old weight of 220, I trust.  This will make Cathy happy, and me richer.


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One Response to “Rocks for the Rockpile”

  1. Bob Johnson Says:

    Good one Bob.

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