River Rocks, River Rocks and more River Rocks

1 to 3 Inch StoneProgress with 3/8 inch stone

Holy mackerel this stuff is heavy.  And never get it delivered on a tarp.  It is impossible to shovel it into a wheelbarrow.  And you have to wash it where it sits, not in your bed on the grey mat you see in the picture to the right.  It is covered with mud when delivered. 

Progress with 3/8 inch stone

My solution is to use a 4 prong garden tool to rake it into an egg crate, wash it in the porous crate, then put the crate into a garden trailer and pull the trailer with the lawnmower. 
And let Chris Kolonich do more of the work.  Chris is the 15-year-old son of Terry Kolonich who works at KMO.
I am enjoying the result and dreading the next stone.  In the old days I’d put out a keg or case of Heineken, but now its water.  So I can’t drown my cares and woes away no mo’. 
I like being alive and my son Paul, who does a lot of stone work and has done some magnificent  and ponds, says “Dad it will get easier as the work goes on”.  “Yeah”, I said, “as long as I make it to the end”.
It’s going to 100 today and tomorrow in balmy southern Jersey.

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2 Responses to “River Rocks, River Rocks and more River Rocks”

  1. Bob Johnson Says:

    Thanks. I got better at moving and washing the stones. In all, I moved 76 tons into paths we created through our woods.

  2. Electric Griddle · Says:

    you should always keep your garden tools in low humidity area to prevent them from getting rusty ‘:`

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