Porch Rocking Chairs and Standard Schnauzers

1000 Words


 Cathy and I have been doing some semi-serious landscaping around the house, literally.  We spotted these at the local, did I write local?, Lowes.  And we grabbed them.  Cathy has been looking for black rocking chairs since we moved here in 2003.  You’d think we were semi-retired.  



 I’m about 1/3 the way toward getting stones in the stone garden.  This is hard work.  Soon.  The matching glider was a must.  

Oh give me a home where the deer don’t roam and the birds and the squirrels all play.  Where seldom is heard the roar of a car and there’s no cloud in the sky over thar. 

I love my wife and my home and my work, and Arthur.  See you in Virginia. 

Right now we are in Bedford, Pa.  Fairfield Inn.  Tomorrow we pick up Liam, our spanking brand new Standard Schnauzer pup, who will join me on the glider and rocking chair.  Big day.




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