Our Standard Schnauzer Liam is Home Again

Crooning on June 24-2010
Liam’s Ride Home – Picture of Contentment

This is the picture of contentment.  On his back, mouth open, feet extended.  On the ride home from Bellwood today he slept most of the way. 


Home on the 'Range' - the kitchen floor

He is at this moment resting after his dinner and a run to the outside.  In one end out the other. 

It is just terrific to have Liam home again, and in good spirits.

I’m thinking about another name, like a Humphrey Bogart famous saying.



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2 Responses to “Our Standard Schnauzer Liam is Home Again”

  1. Bob Johnson Says:

    Stu, Sorry to hear of your loss. I was just watching The Unbearable Lightness of Being and toward the end of the Saga the leading lady and man loss their dog to cancer. Very sad. Dogs live a short life. But while we have them they are wonderful, loyal, unquestioning companions.

    Bob Johnson Bob@kmocoffee.com Bob’s Music Blog Bob’s CEO Blog, 856 825 8213 Home Twitter http://www.facebook.com/bobjohnson1945 Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/bobjohnson1945

  2. Stu Segal Says:

    Bob – congratulations on the new pup. We lost our big Vito (bullmastiff) about 9 months ago, but just aren’t yet ready to pull the trigger on a new pup. But we’re happy for you and Liam (or whatever his name is going to be). . . . Stu

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