Where are the Humming Birds, Wood Peckers, Hawk’s and Bees and Flowers

Tears on the Flower

This beauty is on our back porch.   There is something very peaceful about sitting and listening to the wind and a small water fall, the wind, blowing leaves and watching bees fly to and fro.  Both Cathy and I have noticed the absence of birds this year.  Humming birds only one, woodpeckers, none.  We think it may be the hawk that we see circling high about the trees.  Perhaps the birds have sounded the alarm.  We set out hummingbird ‘juice’ and some attractive flowers, and feeders and I hope they show up.

I was driving to the Monday night Jam at Leo’s house tonight thinking about man and the environment and I was saddened by the thought that humans had somehow effected the number or migratory pattern of the birds we normally see.  Their absence hurts and worries us.  There was recently an article about the birds that migrate from South America to Alaska to mate that annually stop in our town to feed on the annual horseshoe crab ‘run’.  The horseshoe crabs lay millions of eggs on the Delaware Bay shores and these birds knew of the egg stash and would stop here to feed.  They did not come this year.  First time.  Not normal and not good, I fear.

There is so much beauty in nature, and so much complexity and relationships that we are just beginning to fathom.  Take care.


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