Today’s Name: Taylor – Day 3 for our Puppy Standard Schnauzer

Taylor Day 2 or 3 Sleeping

 Look closely and you will see our new Pup, Taylor today, sleeping.  John, our dog trainer, told us the trick to house ‘breaking’ is to use the 4 and 20 rule.  20 in the crate, 4 under intense scrutiny, watching every move for any hint of a leg lift or hunched down bottom position favored by Dogs of any breed or gender.  I spotted the hunched down bottom when I was taking care of business earlier, and saved the day.

We picked up Pup on Wednesday, last, and it’s now Saturday and I’m sure as soon as I write this there will be an ‘accident’, but to this moment, no accidents.  We feed on schedule, and take him out as soon as he stirs in the crate.  It is working, for, each time we take him out to his gated area designed for U or B,  the trainer abbreviations for  urinate or bowel movement (properly recorded of course on the record sheet – with time slots every half hour), he U’s or B’s, and lots of time U’s and B’s.   I suspect Taylor will be house trained, meaning outside house trained, in short order.

Taylor is a male Standard Schnauzer of excellent proportions and so we signed a ‘show’ contract with our breeder, LeAnn Shank of Bellwood, Pa.  This means we may not neuter him and we agreed to enter Taylor in shows and work toward his ch. designation.  He comes from a lot of ch’s.   This is good.  But, it caused a stir yesterday when our vet told us we ‘really should not have a testosterone driven male with Ruby’.  But it turned out to be much to do about nothing.  LeAnn assured us her males had great dispositions and would not bother Ruby and if he did, she would either take him back or let us neuter him.  She is a grand breeder who has our interests front and center.  John, our trainer, also told us no problem.  So no problem.

Well, Taylor is stirring and must be taken out to train in the wilderness.  So be it.

Wonderful, wonderful animal.


PS: These are the names we are considering: Moses, Spock (because of the ears), Sarek (Spocks father), Buster, Buddy, Sunny, Willie (for Nelson), Martin (for Guitar), Taylor (too for a guitar), Victor or Vik for Short (for my great-grandfather), Dutch, Chorus, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Rickenbacher, and …  Soon we will have to decide.  I liked Willie a lot, and I liked buddy, but after using them a bit, they faded.  Soon.

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4 Responses to “Today’s Name: Taylor – Day 3 for our Puppy Standard Schnauzer”

  1. Bob Johnson Says:

    Cathy and I have a female Standard Schnauzer, Ruby, who is six. We have in our backyard an agility course for Ruby and it is great fun for Ruby and us. We do not show Ruby.

    Liam is the final name for our new Pup, and we will show him, perhaps with a handler. We have not shown before. Obedience and Agility are our primary interests, but Liam is such a well proportioned example of the Standard Schnauzer Breed that we will show for conformance, probably with a handler, or letting LeAnn Shank, the Breeder, who I take it you are using, show Liam.

    My post last night has her information, but you can google her at “Shana’s Schnauzers” We give her and unqualified endorsement. She is in Bellwood Pa.

  2. Larry Gurley Says:

    We’re “on the list” for a female pup from the next litter. Will be our first standard. We lost our Giant Schnauzer, Nora, last year after eleven years.

    Have you shown before? We never have, and haven’t yet had that conversation with our breeder.

    We want a companion, and are interested in performance events (agility, obedience, herding, tracking) mostly for fun for us and the pup, and to exercise her body and mind. I think we should have done more of that with Nora; I’m afraid she was often bored.

  3. Bob Johnson Says:

    Thank you. The link to your blog is turning up an error 404.

  4. Roger W Says:

    Enjoy your Standard Schnauzer. We have two of them, and enjoy their company every day. Check out our adventures at:

    Our Standard Schnauzers

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