Peaceful Easy Feeling – Right?

Our Home Siding Cleaners Sitting Out

It was a dark and hot day, granted.  

Peace Brothers and Sisters 


And Always on Memorial Day 


Andy Rooney had a grand message last night.  The gist of it is: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we finally found an alternate to war for resolving our issues”.   Here is the link to the video: Andy Rooney on Memorial Day

I spoke with Andy Rooney maybe 8 years ago.   Mr. Rooney was researching a story about water and coffee and he called me.  I recognized his voice immediately and once he described his quest, I gave him what information I could. ( It was a quirky ‘thrill’ to be called by Andy Rooney.)  My big question was how in the world he found me.  The answer of course was ‘the internet’.  (What a great thing it is.)  His message on Sunday night was a peaceful one, a plea for humans to find a better way to resolve differences.   

I wish you all a Happy Memorial Day.  My father served in WWII in the States, my brother served in Vietnam, and two of my great Grandfather’s fought in the Civil war, one for the North and one for the South.  There may be one ancestor who was here during the Revolution, but I’m not sure.  It to these gentlemen that we owe a Thank You said loud and clear.  I say the same to the soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Stay healthy, come home alive. 


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