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Never Late Nor Sorry

November 1, 2009

The last picture of the day is the best

Mellow Yellow

Picture taking is now my almost obsession.  I’m sitting here and not out back taking more pictures is my explanation and defense.  I am obsessive from time to time. 

This morning I was listening to some of the you tube video’s I’ve posted and came across an annoying issue.  I can’t open the most popular video in my library.  It comes up with a message “An error occurred, try again later”.  The you tube forums and youtube say it is not a youtube problem, but I have no problem opening my other video’s and I wonder how the error gets placed in the middle of the video box? 

So if you want to hear the Frobisher Bay Volunteers sing Go Lassie Go, go to my music blog:

It’s a great song and good rendition.

I’m going to add more songs soon.


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