The Civil War – A Film by Ken Burn: Review

I just finished a review of The Civil War, the documentary by Ken Burns and I urge you to watch it.  The Civil War was a tragedy for this Nation and I do hope we will find better ways of solving difficult and emotional problems.  The losses in The Civil War are grotesque; let us work to make men free without killing them.

The review is published on  Here is the link to my review.

Amazon invited this review and I was happy to oblige.

Some of the techniques used by Burns are discussed in this blog on Adventures in Software.   I submitted a response to this article but for some unknown reason it did not post.

GM has dropped support for future Ken Burns documentaries.  I hope that he is able to find alternate funding sources.  I’m sorry to see the expiration of a 10 year contract be treated as a retreat by GM.

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