iPhone makes my speakers buzz

I place my iPhone on the counter between the speakers and the speakers buzz. I move the iPhone and it stops.

I first noticed that the speakers attached to my home computer buzzed once in while. I could not find the cause, nor could the computer experts. We finally decided it must be something in the electrical system. But no, the buzz spread.

The $39.99 speakers I attached to my laptop began to buzz. What is this I thought? Is it me? No

My TV buzzed. What I thought is going on?  No help from Apple.

Then the radio we use for the Dog when we are out began to buzz? Oh my god it must be in the walls; perhaps a ghost. Buzz.  Hummmm.  No help from AT & T

The next thing to buzz was the speakers in my car. Yup, the ones in my car began to buzz and I was wondering if it was now in my head. Well at least it was not in the house, or, was this ghost following me?

Next came the new Bose speakers I hooked up to my laptop. Buzz. So it was not a quality issue, or so I thought.

Then one sunny day full of promise for good things to come and kicked off by a great cup of my very own Special Blend Coffee, I picked up my iPhone, then laying within a few feet of the Bose speakers, to make a call, just as the buzz was buzzing. The buzz stopped.

Holy cow. I’m on to it; jubilent, I celebrated.

I put the iPhone then next to the speakers and – buzz. I removed it – no buzz.

When I put the iPhone near the speakers – buzz. Move the iPhone away – no buzz. Ever since I keep the iPhone away from the speakers – no buzz. The mystery is solved.  No more buzzes in the car, the TV, the Radio, the Bose Speakers ( $119), or ever the el cheapo laptop speakers.  No more buzz.

My iPhone makes my speakers speak. They buzz.


Anyone else?

Question of the day.   Are my ears speakers?  Are my vocal chords speakers?

Bob Johnson

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10 Responses to “iPhone makes my speakers buzz”

  1. http://www.car-audio-upgrades.co.uk/ Says:

    Excellent blog post. I definitely love this website. Keep writing!

  2. Shannon Wooden Says:

    I had the same thing happening on the tv in my bedroom and security system. it was driving me nuts. I’ve had a the phone for about 2 weeks and just figured out tonight what the hell it was. The ghost theory had crossed my mind too lol

  3. SCB Says:

    I get the same thing. I’m glad I’m not the only one dealing with this. Quite annoying.

  4. video fun Says:

    video fun…

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  5. Bose Home Theater Says:

    Bose Home Theater…

    […]iPhone makes my speakers buzz « Bob Johnson[…]…

  6. 2010 in review « Bob Johnson Says:

    […] iPhone makes my speakers buzz March 2009 4 comments 3 […]

  7. pixelpunk Says:

    Thanks for the post, as I was just trying this problem myself. It really sucks, because as a web designer, I need to be working in front of my computer with my phone at all times. I have a nice set of Bose, you’d would think they would be shielded. Oh well, at least I know I am not crazy and other people are experiencing it.

  8. Bob Johnson Says:

    I am baeginning to underestand how the buzz is generated and I trust reponses that indicate it is not a threat to our bodies. It is just hard to understand how electronic bursts that go through a body (I take it this is so) do not harm.

    Thank you for your thoughtful response. I’m leaving the phone further away from the speakers and this seems to solve the problem too.

  9. Bill Says:

    That’s what they call a GMS Buzz, the buzz is generated when your cellphone is communicating with a tower. Typically it comes in short bursts, shielded amplifiers/wire will eliminate the problem. However, can be costly, as most of the cheap stuff is unshielded. (to save cost of manufacturing)

    Most ‘experts’ at audio specialty stores will point you in the right direction. I’d stay away from large chains like best buy, as there ‘experts’ know little outside of how to plug it in.

    In the event that you put the phone in airplane mode (as mentioned above) you will be unable to send/receive calls/texts. While it does solve the problem (as the phone will no longer transmit, thus no GMS buzz), it’s not ideal.

    Placing the phone in an anti-staic bag will help a little bit, as the bag will help with, but not completely eliminate interference with other electronics.

  10. Thomas Says:

    I’m afraid it is your phone. Turn it on airplane mode, and the buzzing should stop. It really helps. Happens quite often.

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