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Paul Johnson, How to Nail a Wall

January 31, 2009

This is my son Paul, in the process of erecting an addition to his home.  He has several friends helping, including his brother-in-law.  Dad is the camera man.  There is lots more to come.  It’s quite something to watch these young, well, not so young anymore; one of them was heard saying “I could move a lot faster when I was 20”.


Joe the Plumber for Pajama TV

January 13, 2009

In the original interview with President Elect Obama Joe was concerned his ‘income’ was greater than $250,000.  The income he talked about is really Sales, which I conclude since there are only two employees in the business he wants to buy: the owner, Joe.  Sales are not taxed, only net income. 

I’m thinking that everyone was so desperate for either a hammer (JMC) or a story (CNN, FOX …) that the facts were, once again, not reviewed.  I prefer the anvil of facts.

What the heck is Joe doing in Israel dodging bombs?  ALT TEXT

Joe, you are a great thing for; they clearly know how to promote and somehow got you in front of not only their comera’s but CNN’s.   Good work Joe, you are an inspriration to all entrepreneurs wanting more publicity.  You owe John McCain a ton for elevating you from the  tunnels of plumberland to the tubes of plumbers.


Ashoka Died 232 B.C. Edicts called for equality of all and World Peace

January 12, 2009

Here is a link to Asoka’s rock edicts: Edicts  Ashoka died in 232 BC, 232 years before Christ.

This King of what today is modern day India, fought a battle out of which he conquered Kalinga, killing 100,000 people, or so.

After the battle the king had an awakening and decreed that all humans and animals were to be treated harmlessly and equally.  He was the first person to do this, yet, he was virtually unknown until 1832 and was not recognized for greatness until 1915.

Today, who has heard of Ashoka?  I watched a PBS show The Story of India that highlighted his story.  Its fantastic as he was the first king or leader of large populations who called for in effect non violence, and, for the harmless treatment of all humans and animals.

Please read this article or order the DVD, the Story of India, from


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