Minority Majority or Potpourri?

Minority Majority or Potpourri

Minority Majority or Potpourri

Colin Powell, interviewed  by Fareed Zakaria on CNN, used the term minority majority.  The sum of the interview was that the Republican Party is too far to the right, pushed there by Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh.   He points out that small town values, the swansong of the republican candidates for the White House, states that most Americans, who don’t live in small towns, have poor values.   How too do you deal with cities where the minority majority …

Minority no longer defines, in terms of groups, the group with the fewest members, as in, the republicans are the minority party in the house and senate.  The new meaning of minority is potpourri; a mixed group, one that may consist of Blacks, Hispanic, Mexicans or the group that is the targeted topic.  So Blacks are no longer a minority, Hispanics are no longer a minority, Mexicans are no longer a minority nor is any other targeted group.  If it is true that you can not be in two places at the same time then the term minority majority is not useful, for it is wrong.

America is a melting pot.  This means that its citizens come from many area’s of the globe and over time and over a heated surface, melt into a unified assemblage, white in color.  Put a tad more accurately, no color, for white is the absence of color. Wipedia defines white as an assemblage of all color spectrums, which offset each other.  That fits our definition of melting pot just fine.  So we are a colorless people, which may too be true but not the topic.

But this line of thought was unchallenged by Fareed Zakaria and is spoken of more and more frequently.  Whites can be in the minority.  There are now areas of the country where so-called white people, caucasians, are the minority.  But this fact is denied by the term Minority Majority.  If we accept the term ‘minority majority’ then whites can not be a minority for minorities are not white, according to the definition by public figures.

I think we must get used to the idea that the melting pot, given enough heat, will be tan.  A new slogan might be “America the Tan”, or “get tanned in America, its cheaper than the islands”.   Oh?  Well.

I think we must stop amalgamating people and begin speaking of the various groups in terms of their share of population.  No more minoritiy majorities.  This is too confusing.

Will you not help me with this discussion?  Help.


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