Holiday Rambler Blowout

Happy Birthday Bob.

We are hoping that the issues we have with Holiday Rambler will go away.  Unfortunately they persist.  The blowout yesterday of the inside, rear, passenger side Goodyear 275/80R22.5 tire, with only 6,631 miles on it, is another bump on this road.  The leak in the water line leading to the bathroom toilet is still, after four attempts at repair, a real headache and possible killer.  We are concerned that the leak will lead to mold in the Floriday Sunshine.  We have already had one near death and destruction event when the motor shut down without warning and I lost the power steering in the middle of a left turn into Lazydays, with a truck bearing down on us, in Tampla, Florida.  The list is much longer than this but these are the highlights.

Coach net did a passeable job of finding a repair shop, but the one they found had only a tire that was a near equivalent.  I called a wholesaler in Florence, S.C. who gave me two numbers in Manning, S.C., exit 115 on Route 95 in S.C.  Taylor Made Tires and Towing had two used Michelin 275/80R22.5 tires and I arranged to have them come out.  Mackenzie, the lead man on the truck did a yeoman’s job replacing the tire.  They are heavy, extremely hard to get off and then on the rim, and then fill with air.  But Mackenzie, aided by Dan his assistant, “Taylor Made” it look easy.  Five hours later we rolled back into the rain and fog and night fall and promptly turned around and made for the closest Wal-Mart.

We decided to head to Tampa and visit once again with the ladies and gentlemen at Lazydays.  This will not be an easy visit, but I hope productive.

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