The Lady In The Red Blazer

Son Paul

Son Paul

The family is having a grand time here.  The campground has many things to do and my grand-kids are finding them pretty quickly.  Right now they are out on low-ride trikes, pedal powered, checking out the campgrounds.  Son Paul is thinking about taking them to a movie in Conway, which is 26 miles south.  Cathy and I just returned from the local IGA in Tabor City picking up stuff for the feast on Thursday.

A sad thing happened while I was waiting in the car for Cathy at the post office.  A lady who was 55 to 60 drove up, got out of her car, and came over to mine, and of course Ruby began barking “alarm, alarm, get away from my car” but the lady did not heed the alarm.  So I was forced to put up the windows in a rush, and jump out of the car.  After greetings she said: “Are you from around Tabor City?”  I knew what was coming next.  Next she says: “My mother…”, at which point I began to interrupt her but thought better of it since I really, or is it rally, don’t know the local mores.  She continued: “is in the Unit and I wondered if you could give me two or three dollars for gasoline so I can go see her.”  I declined and explained why.  It was the second time this week.  She then drove to the other side of the parking lot, and I lost sight of her, and her red Chevrolet SUV Blazer.  I suppose one conclusion is: if you want or need to ask for money for gasoline, don’t drive an SUV.

Last Wednesday at Exit 105 on Route 95, I was filling the diesel tank on the motor home when a 65 year old, very thin, but rugged man approached with a gasoline container in his hand.  He was looking for money but I can not remember the reason he gave.  I was engaged in a conversation with another person, a lady from Canada driving a motor home, when he interrupted us.  I gave him $5.00, two more than he asked for.  I wish I knew why.

I think it is good to give one on one, but I’ve become very defensive and it takes an act of will to listen to what the person says.  I think the next time I’ll ask what their situation is, so I can make a more informed decision.  Right now I wish I’d found out more about the lady in the red Blazer.

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