Thanksgiving Trip Day 1




The Yogi Bear’s Camp Resort in Tabor City is the number one Yogi in the US and everything about it supports the award.  We are loving it.


We are eating together.  This morning all the grand-kids showed up at the motor home with all the fixings for pancakes.  So in they came and the pancakes were good.  We’re fishing, bike riding, playing basketball, walking, riding in the woods, playing ladder ball, chasing dogs and freezing.  The nights are int he 20’s believe it or not.  It’s a record tying and record breaking cold spell.  But today was nice, up to 62.  We had to refill the propane tank to be sure we would have heat through the night.

Paul set up the turkey frier today and spent a few moments with Rick Coleman who has experience deep frying birds.  It will take only an hour to cook, and another hour to cool down.  We are getting excited about the meal.  Jeff, Michelle and Maggie headed to the organic store in Wilmington and Cathy and I shopped in Whitesville for food and bow’s and arrow’s and guns for Thursday’s dress up.  I’m still not sure where we will be eating, but we will be eating.

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